Aurora @ Pukkelpop 2018


The story behind this small film started in 2015. As a big fan of Aurora’s music, I decided to figure out a way to meet and talk to her. In 2017, during our annual Startmotion holiday in Norway, we decided to visit Made, the management company. We met Geir, who was kind enough to talk to us. But we didn’t meet Aurora.


In the summer of 2018, Aurora performed at Pukkelpop. Just like the summer of 2017, Startmotion was hired to collaborate on the social media videos of the festival. That’s how we got access to the stage. Having a chat with Aurora in person suddenly wasn’t too impossible.


After the show, we immediately climbed on stage to chat. We had captured the entire show and offered her to make a small film. We exchanged contact details and got her email address.


It was midnight, just a few hours after the show. I was very tired. But as the adrenaline still rushed through my entire body, I kew I had to finish the film. I hopped in the car, drove more than 1,5 hours to my appartement where I picked up the key to our office, drove to our office and edited until 6am. We sent the video to her that same night.


We still don’t know whether she’s seen the video. But what’s most important to us is the unusual and spontaneous journey that gave us the energy to unconditionally create. This.



Function: Camera, Editing & Coloring

Year: Aug. 2018