Arne van Batenburg

Born in 1996, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

From a young age, I’ve shown interest in the combination of creativity and entrepreneurship, having worked on several projects such as Startmotion (a video production company) and SINC.


I’m a feeler, dreamer, sometimes deeply retracted inside of other(‘s) worlds. These are the places where I find inspiration, vision and energy to translate feelings into stories. Just as much as feeling, thinking is what pushes me to shape these stories into a tangible result. One that you can hear, see and also feel.


Over the course of just a few years, I have helped small and big brands tell stories through films and campaigns. I like to handle my project with care and a long-term vision, mingled with strategic commercial insights resulting in a yin & yang of creativity and business.



Need a film? At Startmotion, we can help you with that. Need an advertising campaign? Spindokter is specialised in campaigns for social-profit organisations. You’re also welcome to contact me directly through:


Mail: | Tel.: +324 96 29 19 51